Smooth as a mofo

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  • Andre Poreskin

    I was more interested in the people dancing in front of the cars in the background.

    • Mango

      They know how to have fun in Africa it seems

  • DigitalHunk
  • Flockacox

    Guys juggling, guys performing in the streets… Where is this place???

    • Coffeeinator3000


    • FizzPop

      Africa. I’m not sure where this is exactly, but there have been a number of street acts at the traffic lights / street corners, hoping for tips, where I live.
      Some people stand with a sign, some people sell fruit or household items, some people dance

      • Flockacox

        You live in Africa?

        • FizzPop

          I live on the southern coast of Africa 🙂

          • Flockacox

            Whoa!!! People live there?

  • Mym Zy


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