Some Germans can get bent


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  • Inaba

    how many languages does lolsnaps speak?

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      Lolsnaps doesn’t speak, so I’ll say 0

      • m4a4

        Lolsnaps speaks programming language. So at least 1 😛

        • Coffeeinator3000

          01100100 01100101 01101100 01100101 01110100 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100101

          • Raedwulf

            Out damn spot.
            it’s not working

    • Mango

      French was technically my first fluent language but I lost it during my childhood. My Arabic is laughable but I understand what’s being spoken at least.

      If ya don’t use it, ya lose it!

      • Inaba

        i think i’m slowly losing my finnish, even tho i live here!

    • Shivers

      In my case, fluent English and middling French are all I’d claim to have.

      I can *usually* dope out the meaning of a phrase spoken to me in Spanish, German, and Swedish of all things as I know a decent enough percentage of common words, but wouldn’t dare attempt to speak them myself. I also know a smattering of Japanese, and I can also toss out a few swear words in Russian, Romanian, Klingon, Romulan, and Dracon. Oh, and a non-swear insult in Arabic. 😛

      I would like to learn more languages because I find them interesting, but I’d never have opportunity to practice them. I don’t even get any opportunities to use my French, and it’s an official language.

  • Dreig


    • Alexandra Marie

      I am happy to say I understood that without google translate!

    • Harsh Puppy

      Call of Duty taught me enough to get it…

    • Shivers

      Du…. du hast…. du hast mich….

  • Gregor

    Knowing a Brit who moved to NL however hard he tried to speak Dutch everyone always spoke English to him so after a while he gave up trying

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