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  • Dreig

    It is settled America, you have elected a good prez. Cause this is the way only the hardcore pros eat pizza – Crust first. Those who eat it from the middle are amateur normies, and those who leave the crusts are weak!

    Then there are two more ways – cut it into random shapes or just bloody tear it apart. Beware of people who do either of those two – they are insane

    • Oy Vey

      I eat the whole thing in one long strip cut in a spiral pattern.

      • Dreig

        That means you have spiritually ascended and soon will depart for a different plane of existence

        • Oy Vey

          Yes. The meal was cooked long ago.

      • RC

        But can you slurp the strip up like a noodle?

        • Oy Vey


          • RC

            Bet you’re popular with the gender of your choosing

      • Flingebunt

        I order a giant one, sit in the middle and wrap it around myself, and eat my way out.

    • Daniel Emberton

      -rolls up whole pizza and eats it like a burrito-

  • GrumpyOldMan

    That was from a commercial for Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza

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