The truth


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  • brujah1381

    My dad used to say that too until I responded with “it depends on why they are jumping off the bridge. Is there something on the bridge? Is the bridge collapsing? What are we jumping to? I need more information to answer your question”. I got sent to my room but he never asked me that question again.

    • Shivers

      Your dad messed up there. If I had a child and they were able to toss back with a logically constructed, calmly delivered retort like that, we’re going out for ice cream because clearly they’re thinking. Even if we continue the starting conversation in the car because they’re misapplying said thinking…

  • Mister_B_Posters

    What if you were attached to a bungee cord, and that was the whole point?

  • Dreig

    I am not following anyone with facial hair like that, fuck off you jump alone bitch

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