I’ve been loving this show…


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  • perthaussieguy

    And love one another

  • Entity

    What show is this?

    • Tanya Wicht

      Good Omens, it is really good.

      • Mounty1103

        best thing i watched in a long time

        • Gregor


      • Entity

        Looks like a scene from “Life of Brian”.

        • http://lemonparty.com/ Anna Troll

          Life of Brian made me laugh more than the holy Grail. Love that movie.

  • Dreig

    Is that Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson or are my eyes just so fucked up from stroboscopes from the party last night?

  • John Matheson

    It started off great, gradually nearer the end there were a few moments that fell short of the initial ‘wow, this is a really good show’ vibe and ended up losing its immersive quality because of it.

    Never the less, good overall with many funny scenes and an excellent underlying message of, There is good in every evil person and bad in every righteous person.

    Would watch again.

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