Thomas is da bomb


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  • Rokas Akanichas

    Second one is mostly in russian propaganda books. Here in Lithuania it’s weighted but fair, rather neutral, actually, even when we don’t have a lot of reasons for it to be neutral.

  • IMHO

    Why isn’t the last picture pixalated blurred?

  • Andrew Clayton

    To be fair, the Japanese of the time were fucking monsters, and even then the US kept some wartime decorum. The US dropped pamphlets telling the citizens to leave, and even without the atomic bombs, the US were doing more than enough damage. Yes, the atomic bombs were scary and incredibly deadly, but they were just the final nail in the coffin. Operation Meetinghouse killed an estimate similar to an individual atmoic bomb.

    • Jake

      The two bombs were unfortunately necessary. The war was over. Germany had surrendered months ago. But the Japanese were hell-bent on fighting to the death. Literally (kamikaze).

      It took such a drastic show Force to get them to realize that it needed to stop now.

      • Andrew Clayton

        The Japanese were honestly scary as hell. They committed serious atrocities that to this day they still dont really own up to or apologize for. At least Germany has tried to make amends for that dark period in their history.

        • Jake

          The Japanese don’t even see it as a wrong. It was what their leader demanded. And so it was honorable to do whatever was necessary. I have a friend that grew up in Japan. World War II is simply taught as history. Like what you ate for lunch yesterday. No right or wrong.

          But I can’t really blame them for it. That’s their culture. Always has been. Death before dishonor.

  • Raedwulf

    The US in Canadian history books.
    Granted they were British soldiers, but given that it was the US that invaded, looted York (now Toronto) and burned the Parliament buildings.

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