Never ask me to choose


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  • Nora Bora

    Ummm…. usually there’s no ultimatum unless a person is giving such a significant portion of time that the partner feels neglected – like “it’s your work, or me!” (hence the “I’m married to my job” line).

    If you can’t balance both, then choose one.

    • Inaba

      we need like a daycare for grown women since they cant entertain themselves apparently
      how needy can you get? read some horoscopes, plan a fake wedding, daydream about being an animal doctor, fucking get a hobby ffs

      • Jake

        Seriously though. If you cant stand being alone with yourself, what makes you think a man wants to be stuck with you?

        Go find a damn hobby. Learn something new. Find a passion. Because being cute is nice, but doesnt get you into a good relationship.

        • Nora Bora

          Why are you with them if you don’t want to talk or spend any time with them?

          • Jake

            I’ve never been in this situation. But a buddy of mine was. His girlfriend was hot. And I mean smoking-hot! Tall. Nice butt. Skinny waist. Huge rack.

            BUT she was incredibly stupid. It was almost physically painful to talk to her. All she wanted to talk about was her “reality” shows she always watched.

            And he suck at playing Xbox. But he literally only played it to get her to shut up.

            As for why he didn’t leave… she was hot and put out all the time. ( but she was blowing his money left and right at the same time.)

            Fast forward a few years.. they split up, he found a nice girl and got married. They have two wonderful kids.

          • Nora Bora

            Awwwuhhhh! I’m happy to hear that he is with a better situation now!

            I’ve been in that situation from several sides – from having my partner (rightfully) feel alone in the relationship, dumped an ex for being too needy, and have been dumped for being clingy.

            Hopefully we learn through it all and become better people for it.

      • Nora Bora

        I dunno…. if you work all day and play video games all day ALL your free time playing video games and give zero time to mutual activities (including talking)… I think it’s fair to give an ultimatum.

        For example, back when I was working 3 part time jobs and going to school full time, the ONLY time my partner saw me awake was for a quick dinner. If they dumped me, it totally makes sense – I literally didnt have time to put into my relationship.

        If that were the case with video games (instead of work/school), fi you only have 20 hours of free time a week, and you’re putting 18 of that playing video games…. an ultimatum totally makes sense if you’re not interacting with your partner in any way.

        • Inaba

          well that just sounds like you have too much work
          surely you should put this relationship on hold until they let you out of whatever gulag you just described
          games help you unwind after a long day of dealing with people, you dont have to talk about deep shit or god forbid shit that isnt even deep
          things that certanly dont sound relaxing

    • Flingebunt

      Some women are just bullies, and wonder why all their relationships self-destruct.

      You…you sound nice and balanced. Not my type though, I only go for the crazies. Or is it only the crazies go for me?


    No sex.

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