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  • Jeremy Longwood

    No, women are factories. God uses their bodies to build more bodies. Women’s bodies are His property! God is the true body builder.

    • Gregor

      You should get him to provide an instruction pamflet with each newly produced baby

    • Dukono

      Not. My body is my body and no one else. I grew 3 beautiful babies in my body with a little help from my husband.. I am not a freaking factory for anyone.

      • Jeremy Longwood

        Sorry to break it to you, but your body is NOT YOUR body. It belongs to the Good Lord for He was the one who originally created life as we know it. HE is the ultimate decision maker, and HE ultimately decides what becomes of your body.

        • Dukono

          Sorry to break to you but your God is not my God. And my body is my body not your God’s.. Different strokes for different folks but no one on this Earth or in your Heaven gets to tell me what I can do or not do with MY body. My decisions are my own. So go preach your faith to someone else because I am not buying it. Sorry, not sorry.

          • brujah1381

            He’s not preaching anything, you’re arguing with a well known troll account.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            I suggest you take it up with the Good Lord, I am simply but a messenger in his stead. If you do not heed my words then maybe you will listen to His Word!

        • perthaussieguy

          So, none of us have free will. Everything is decided by your God, at His whim. He obviously enjoys watching children suffer from various diseases in many countries without compassion.
          One of many reasons He is not MY God.

          (I know you are having a bit of fun here but it is a very tender issue for many people)

          • Jeremy Longwood

            Spreading the word of God is serious business, my boy. The cold hard truth is bound to bruise some soft spots.

      • The009

        Don’t feed the Religion Trolls. They don’t know anything better then quoting one Book that has been changed so many times by people no one really knows what the original was.

        They think that their “God” is the only thing that matters although there are tons of other religions that all say the same thing about them being the only religion that matters.

        So any time someone mentions God when it comes to anything with the human body its time just Ignore them and let them spout whatever is usually non science based BULL SHIT!

        • Jeremy Longwood

          1 Corinthians 6:19-20 King James Version (KJV)

          19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

          20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

          • Harsh Puppy

            Corinthians? Like, the raisins?

          • The009

            LOL Your shitty ass book makes me laugh.

            Thank you for a good laugh I needed that today.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            I feel sorry for you. There will be a day when you will have to face God’s wrath and judgement, and I guarantee you that you will not be laughing then.

          • The009

            If your God is so great then why are there millions of people with conditions they are suffering non stop. If you God is so good why do babies die. If your God is so good then why is there so much wrath right now.

            I feel sorry that you are so brain washed that you Judge others and tell them how they have to live.


            The bible is nothing but a bunch of hypothetical bullshit.

            If you say a woman deserves death because she has an abortion you are NOT a Christian. <— Meaning you are going to HELL.

            If you say someone can't be forgiven for their doing and have to be put to death, then you are NOT a Christian. <— Meaning you are going to HELL.

            If you believe the bible so much and you are even a Catholic Christian then even using the Pull Out method would be a form of Contraception and would be considered a Sin.

            Ever think the church literally only gives a F about themselves? They force you to give money to them, they force you to have more children to grow their numbers. They force you to go out and spread the word…. <– Sounds like a Brainwashing Cult to Me.

            So if when I die and I sand before my God and they condemn me to Hell because I feel that men and women have no right say another person deserves to die. Another person has no right to do with their body as they wish. Then you know what they are not worthy of being labeled a God, but simply an Omnipotent Being that is an ASSHOLE.

            I feel bad that you are so brainwashed that you can not see the facts behind what religion has done to people on this planet. More people have died because of someone's "God" then any other human made reason.

            I know this is online, on a random site in a random comment section; and well most people wont even read this but I really hope as you grow up you realize just how shitty you treat other people because your religion and just how bad it truly is.

            My religion is simple. I believe there is a higher being who created us. I also feel they don't give a flying fuck about what happens to us. If we make it and get to the end then cool if not so be it. There is no way some God out there makes some people Suffer and others get everything and in the end we are are equal and welcome into Heaven?

            Pretty douche move for a God.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            Look at you mumbling on incoherently. I don’t have time to read your hedonistic text about being morally superior because you don’t believe in the Good Lord or His word. You are a lost soul, your salvation is beyond even my own abilities and religious skill set. The only brainwashed one here is YOU. Brainwashed by the media, brainwashed by science, brainwashed by those who wish to turn you away from God. As I said before, you will one day face the consequences of not placing your faith in Him, I can only warn you of this grave mistake. I hope you heed my advice and seek salvation from your sinful ways. Good day and good life to you, lost one.

          • The009

            I pray you seek salvation for your constant judging and condemning people.

            But whatever you wish to think. You are fee to do so.

            Remember that SCIENCE that has brain washed me has probably saved your life more times then you can count.

            More times then your “God” has saved your life.

            But you like 99.9% of most religious people will just go back to a stupid ass book founded on the thoughts of man. Written by man with 0 evidence of what is being said; and translated and changed many times.

            You may have faith in your God but I have faith in Mine.

            My God is not a jealous wrathful douche.

            Sorry that you worship some God who demands you treat others with contempt and hatred because they are not like you.

    • Harsh Puppy

      Dude, you are a very good troll, I must admit.

      • Jeremy Longwood

        What is this term “troll”. You lolsinners keep using that term to refer to me, but I still don’t know what it means.

        • Harsh Puppy

          Trolls are pagan creatures that live under bridges, but not including homeless people.

    • PATMAN

      Oh, you’re back. Get out of jail free card?

  • Cayne
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