It makes no sense to me but I’ll take what I can get


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  • Coffeeinator3000

    cant remember your middle name? piss off your mother.

    • ItsFluffyTho

      When I have to fill out forms, I always just use M instead of my middle name. A few years ago, I needed to actually spell it, and I had to call her to ask her how many r’s and s’s are in my name. I called my aunt first to save myself the embarrassment, but she didn’t answer. And that’s the story of how I relearned how to spell my name and that my aunt knew how to spell it because she gave it to me.

      • Coffeeinator3000

        weird….fluffy doesnt even start with an m

        • ItsFluffyTho

          Do… do you not recognize me after the name change?

          • Coffeeinator3000

            what? whom said that?

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