I love Gordon Ramsay


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  • The man that did that thing

    I hate Gordon Ramsey. I’m sure he’s a good cook, but as a person I really don’t like him at all.

    • m4a4

      Why? Because he’s hard on adults that claim to be professional cooks?

      • The man that did that thing

        Partly, but mainly because he’s hard on anyone he feels like, his solution to most problems are shouting/insulting, and especially because he’s a shameless self promoter.

        I’m guessing you really like him for all these reasons?

        • m4a4

          No. I don’t generally watch his sensationalized stuff. The last vid I watched with him in it was from hot ones. Seems more like a typical brit…

          • The man that did that thing

            He’s definitely not a typical Brit… but yeah, I hate the sensationalising as well. And also the fact that all of his one liners feel so manufactured. In fact, he himself feels incredibly manufactured. Which ties in with the shameless self promoting, imo.

          • m4a4

            More like (especially with the language). And if I’ve seen him self promote, I haven’t noticed.

          • Johnny Alpha

            I completely get your drift! But, but professional cooks/chefs love him!
            He knows how to chef and he is not stupid!

    • Chuck B

      Because he’d make you cry!!!

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfImWRSGAtvKST-7pgxS6ww Christie

      I’ve heard he is quite lovely, does a lot for charity and is super with kids. *shrug*

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