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  • Richard Rejmer

    Cyclists are quite often their own worst enemies.
    They expect all the courtesy and road rules applied at all times when it affects them. . the rest of the time “Fuck it. . I can go when and where I want. . Rules do NOT apply to ME. . I’m wearing LYCRA!!”

    • FFrost

      Well the law does require everyone to give right of way to anyone wearing lycra, whether in a car, riding a bike, or a pedestrian.

  • Roger

    As a cyclist myself, cyclist’s are cunts. I regularly see other cyclists running red lights/crossings, jumping from road to footpath to bypass lights and riding 2 wide in the vehicle lane whilst a perfectly good bike lane is next to them… I see plenty of bad drivers as well but cyclists seem worse. BTW I don’t wear Lycra.

    • Dreig

      Likewise. Lycra is bleh and cyclists in general suck, and I tell you as a person who rode over a thousand miles every summer during highschool/college. Here are the archetype of asshole cyclists that you can encouter, as a pedestrian, driver or while riding yourself.

      1) Drunkardus Villageidiottii – As the name suggests, these methanol-fueled brainlets can be encountered in villages, usually late at night, wearing dark clothing and zig-zaging across a busy main road. Then they get run over and a huge country-wide campaign forcing everybody to wear helmets and bright neon orange vests begins. Nevermind that these people will never wear them anyways, as they neglet to even put air in their tires, oil their bikes, check if the frame has any rust holes. If a car does not run over, they will eventually die of alcohol poisoning, or when their bike falls apart while riding and they get impaled by a rusty piece of frame

      2) Mamil Tourdefrancicus – Middle aged men in lycra who believe they are going to be the next Tour De France champ. They have no regards for red lights or anything else because that would interfere with their perfect lap times or what ever. They send the sheet with those times to the Tour De France commitee hoping they will FINALLY let them race so they can show what is in them. One they they are going to return their calls, definitely. They spent more money on their bike and gear than you did on your car.

      3) Disregardus Hippii – They like, ride their bike to save the environment, man. But while riding they disregard important elements of the environment – red lights, pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes and paths and basically every car, pedestrian or other cyclist. Other subspecies include Disregardus Hipsterii and Disregardus Bikecourierii

      These three are the main dangerouss species but of course, there is more, many more

      • Johnny Alpha

        I’m not sure why (‘Tour du France’?) but cyclists here in France are generally road worthy,

        • Raedwulf

          So they make roads out of them?

          • Johnny Alpha

            maybe they’re better educated, most people who have bikes have cars too!

            but to come back to your snap …

            Why do the French plant avenues of trees?

          • Raedwulf

            Grave markers?

          • Johnny Alpha


    • BearnieZardoz

      I find your comment a bit too mild and too whitewashing, but in general I can agree with you.

  • Dragonofarbitration

    We’ve got two one-way streets that merge »^« where I live and cyclists continually ride them the wrong way. I can’t wait for the day when someone gets knocked over and seriously hurt.

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