The future is now, young man!

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  • Patchy


    • HoodieDog

      Of course it is. I don’t mind staged videos if they make fun of all the internet stereotypes and meme lingo.

      • FizzPop

        I never understand why people get upset when something is staged…

      • Flingebunt

        What’s with the losers who need to right ‘Staged’ or ‘Fake’ for every obviously fake video.

        They are the same people who explain why the facts in a joke are wrong.

        • HoodieDog

          I don’t mind. The internet does need some people to be a little prickly from time to time. But sometimes, they need to be poked in the eyes too.

    • Andrew Espinoza

      Boy have I got some news for you about movies and TV shows…

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Just played scrabble with my sister and grandma. The word “yule” came up twice

    • Richard Rejmer

      Yule remember that one for next time you play

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