BBQ time!

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  • The People’s Poet

    Only if that meat is from a human killed by another human.

    Otherwise meat is just slaughter.

    • m4a4

      Shhhhhh… don’t be using facts against their feelings!

      • Das Puggy

        Considering I’m one of the snowflakes you usually rail against, my feelings are that meat is really fucking delicious. Just kill the animal quickly so there is no excess pain, that’s all I ask before eating a brisket or bacon or lamb chop.

        • m4a4


          And not suggesting anything unhumane, just that killing animals is literally not murder.

        • Dennisch

          Talking about no excess pain for an animal, while sporting a Pug avatar.

          Deliciously hypocritical.

          • Das Puggy

            My first hater! I’m someone!

    • IMHO
    • Harsh Puppy

      A yes, Slaughter. Are they still touring?

      • Richard Rejmer

        Remember. . You can’t have Slaughter without laughter

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