Furry nicknames are often extremely predictable

True fact, "Shivers" was given to me by a committee of which I was not a member. I used to just use my real name until I was informed otherwise.


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  • Shivers

    Now to find out whether furry stuff will get upvoted or blasted. Oh wells. :B

    • Johnny Alpha

      The best names are those which are ‘earned’ – there’s normally a good reason and it’s done out of affection!
      … here in France, in my neighbourhood (le quatier) I’m known as “le ‘glish” …

      • Cayne

        back in college I earned a couple nicknames, but the one that stuck was hulk. I was very cool calm and collect but if my friends noticed me getting a little hot and bothered by someone they needed to get me out of the situation and fast because once I hit the breaking point I was near unstoppable. I couldn’t be dragged away and on more than one occasion I hit my friends. I am not proud of it and I am much better now but my friends still tell a couple stories when I see them.

        • Johnny Alpha

          You have some good friends! : )

          • Cayne

            that I do

        • Alexandra Marie

          Here I was getting excited over the fact that you’re really big and green. Then I read the 2nd half and was like “oh, that it?”

          On a more serious note – glad you’re in a better place now.

        • Pickles

          Got (had) a friend like that… add alcohol and here comes Mr Hyde. Too many appearances, so we don’t hang together anymore.

          • Cayne

            it wasn’t alcohol. I didn’t/don’t drink. it was someone trying to cause trouble or being disrespectful to my friends that caused the switch

    • Dragonofarbitration

      Not really into Furry stuff, but I’ll uv you anyways!

  • ComputerPony

    ComputerPony is the screen name I gave myself when I first started being social online. My fur ‘name’ is just some name my sister and I made up back when we both were young. :p

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