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  • Nora Bora

    They were:

    “Shortly after Homo sapiens arose, harsh climate conditions nearly extinguished our species [at some point between 195,000 and 123,000 years ago].

    Everyone alive today is descended from a group of people from a single region who survived this catastrophe.

    The southern coast of Africa would have been one of the few spots where humans could survive during this climate crisis because it harbors an abundance of shellfish and edible plants.”


  • Credulous

    The First man to eat Oyster would be like: I am so hungry, I am gonna eat a rock

    • Richard Rejmer

      He actually said, “I’m gonna open this rock and eat the giant snot inside”

      • Flingebunt

        I assume that they watched animals eating it and thought they would give it a go themselves rather than just eating whatever random stuff they saw lying around.

  • ItsFluffyTho

    Funny, I I bought crabs yesterday to eat for my birthday today!

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