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  • Inaba

    i am pro vaccines ofc, but do you guys feel like this agenda is getting pushed too much? have you ever even met an anti vaxxer? ever seen a post from one? i haven’t, and i feel like vaccination memes are more over saturated than skyrim 100 and those drake memes at this point
    is it just that there’s an actual villain to beat for once?
    it’s getting to a point where i’m thinking up new conspiracies about who’s pushing this

    • WereCatf

      “have you ever even met an anti vaxxer? ever seen a post from one?”– Yes.
      “is it just that there’s an actual villain to beat for once?” — It’s probably more about the children; no one gives a fuck if an adult harms themselves with their idiocy, but literally almost everyone cares if they harm children.

      • Inaba

        i dont

        i miss the days when people prioritized the comedic value over preaching
        i think i can better put into words what annoys me about this whole movement after talking with all of you
        people who care about stuff are squares
        people who care about micromanaging the lives of strangers are double squares

        wouldnt you rather watch it all burn down with me?

        • WereCatf

          “wouldnt you rather watch it all burn down with me” — Eh, there’s a whole lot stuff I’d like to burn down, but there’s also a lot of stuff I happen to quite enjoy. I love watching movies and TV-shows with someone, sharing the experience with them. I love playing some good story-base games, like e.g. I’m quite excited for Cyberpunk 2077 later this year. I love a good pizza.

          I’d lose on all that if everything burned down.

    • Tanya Wicht

      Yeah, I belong to a few natural health, and natural food groups – and they are very, very, common there, they post a LOT, and the nonsense they spread, ugh! The scare mongering is very real. They crop up regularly on other child related ones as well, also in gardening ones. As I am pro vax – but mostly anti big pharma – I can see some of where they are coming from – but wow – some nut case BS out there.

      • Mym Zy

        “some” HAH!

      • Inaba

        i feel like this is all scaremongering
        pretending like they are an imminent thread, when in all likelyhood you are just advertising for them

    • James Denman

      Im allergic to the whooping cough vaccine, so I couldnt have it, which was fine because everyone that can be vaccinated was, so there was never an opportunity for me to catch whooping cough is what I would like to say, but its not true. I caught it because theres enough people not vaccinated to compromise herd immunity, and if I had been just a few years younger I could have faced serious complications. Theres enough people antivax to cause serious public health issues, and as long as thats true we should push against them.

      • Inaba

        a rarity, surely
        i just wonder what people group this online vigilantism appeals to
        people seem to care more about causes than humor these days, i have trouble finding any in alot of these

    • The man that did that thing

      I think this says a lot about you. People naturally ‘herd’ and like to point out that they’re in the right group of right thinking people. The fact that you see this as a ‘conspiracy’ says more about your ability to find sinister explanations where there are none than your ability to find the correct explanation for a phenomenon.

      There is no agenda beyond trying to get people to get their vaccines.

      • Inaba

        yeah, it’s called virtue signaling, and i avoid it like the plague
        is there any point in running this aggressive campaign against people who are more likely to think they are onto something when they get persecuted for it
        how many trumps do we need to elect before people learn that aggressive choir preaching just sends onlookers to the enemy camp?

        • brujah1381

          I think the stand that is being made is if people don’t want to vaccinate their kids they have to expect that their kids are going to be excluded. Schools, camps, or anywhere else where large groups of children congregate have to think about the safety and welfare of the whole and if Timmy has a heart condition or if Jenny is allergic to vaccines their parents should have reasonable assurances that the herd has enough immunity that they are not exposed to very easily preventable diseases. It’s not virtue signalling, it’s a public health issue.

        • The man that did that thing

          “yeah, it’s called virtue signaling, and i avoid it like the plague”
          Oh, the unintentional irony.

          • Inaba

            virtue signaling implies that you are trying to impress someone, there is no choir to preach to here on lolsnaps

    • rick

      I have cousins that are anti-vax, even though one of their uncles got hit by polio (thankfully not too badly but has needed braces to walk since he was in his 20’s).

    • brujah1381

      I have known a few anti vax individuals through the years at my job, they are in fact very real and very hard to converse with.

      • FFrost

        I’m a nurse and one of my ex-cowrkers was anti-vax. It was very odd seeing someone have to give vaccines to their patients and take one herself, per hospital policy, but didn’t believe in vaccinating her children.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I recently found out (I’m 50+) that I have no immunisation against Hep B – now, I’m pretty sure my Mum was diligent with our shots sooo what happened…
      My doctor had me in ‘isolation’ inside 40 mins and it turns out that the Hep virus can’t survive in my body – they’re more interested in what the fuck I’ve got that eats viruses …

      • Inaba

        ooh, are you a lab monkey now? make sure to get paid for samples

  • Mrs. R. Gumby

    Now people here in Brazil are starting to go with this anti-vaccines crap too! ¬¬’

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