TriviaSnaps: Robert Patrick trained to fire a gun without blinking in Terminator 2.


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  • Matt

    They way you can see this is pure training ang willpower is the slight flinch he give, right after changing the magazine. This is an amazing performance.

    • The man that did that thing

      I think that was a full blink. Question is, was it caused by the firing, or was it part of his technique to not blink during the rest of the firing.

      • Andre Poreskin

        Makes sense… Just a tiny rest before the next string of rounds.

      • Matt

        Anyway, it’s impressive.

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    This movie is pure legendarism!

  • Jake

    By far the best movie in the series

    • SuperDan4

      By far one of the best movies ever

    • BearnieZardoz

      I like the first 2 equally (9/10), and the 3rd one get’s 7/10.

  • Michael Mason

    Clint Eastwood think had to do the same.

  • Entity
  • Sergio Cuquerella

    aaaaaand…he still blinks

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