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  • Carlos the Dwarf

    So no need to pay a new actor.

    • Phoenyx

      My thoughts exactly

    • Johnny Alpha

      but enough money to pay their respects …

    • m4a4

      Yeah, instead they paid many different people to put together lines in tribute to him.
      Some people still got paid to do this…

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        Any guesses as to the cheaper option?

        • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

          Option A:
          – script is ready, Don reads records it in a week, a team edits in a couple more weeks, re’dos are done for two more weeks and… done.
          Option B:
          – script is ready, a team spends months to go through 25 years of material looking for the right words in the right tone, edits, goes back to script for changes, makes more edits and then slaps you in the face for making snarky comments.
          I’d say Option A is still the cheaper one.

        • m4a4

          I’ll guess… who cares. It wasn’t our call to make.

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