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  • Val1

    A Shrubbery

  • BearnieZardoz

    A new body.

  • Jake

    I need the ability to not need any sleep.

    Needing 8 hours, getting 3 hours, it’s starting to drain me.

    • Cayne

      not sure what you are dealing with bud but a suggestion would be that as you are getting ready to hop into bed do a massive stretch. the one where you literally tighten every muscle in your body. hold it then relax. works for me (a nocturnal animal that sometimes has the same issue)

    • Alexandra Marie

      Try antihistamines. I am a very light sleeper and, even though I’m using earplugs, I’m still getting up at the crack of dawn and can’t do 7 hrs, let alone 8. Went to the doctor after 2 weeks of constantly getting 4-5 hrs/night and they recommended antihistamines rather than sleeping pills. I’d take one around 7.30pm at first, would be out by 9.30pm, get well over 8 hrs and kept that up for 3 weeks, but I had to take them later and later in time, due to my body getting used to them.

  • FizzPop

    Maybe a little bit of physical company, y’know?

  • Dreig

    Even more money

  • Shivers

    Hugs. So many hugs. I have affection deficit disorder.

  • Pickles

    With 3 kids heading to college over the next 3 years… MONEY!

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