He still holds a valid license…


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  • Cayne

    here in Arizona you can have a drivers license that doesn’t expire until you are 65 and once you get it renewed you keep it until you die or until a court order forces you to relinquish it (normally due to an accident) that is how I was in a car accident with a women who was 82 when she turned out in front of me on a freeway. I think after the age of 50 you should be required to take a driving test every 5 years and every year after you turn 80 to keep your license

    • Shivers

      That’s actually almost exactly what we have in Ontario. I’d like to see a renewal road test every 10 years til 60 or whatever, then every 5, then yearly at some point. Some of the worst drivers on the road are 40-50ish because they’ve had their licence for 20+ years without being reminded of the crap they’re doing wrong.

  • Dreig

    Is not that impossible to get old cars running again. They have tough roots:


    Grandpa was underestimating his 55 For is what I’m saying

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