The guy in the hat knows what’s up


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  • Mister_B_Posters

    What a dick

  • Dennisch

    The hat should be a helmet.

    • Coffeeinator3000

      or a toque, if you know what I mean.

  • Dreig

    My ex had incredible taste in movies amd would always pick the awesomest of awesome classics for movie night. My greatest fear currently is not dying alone, it is getting schackled with some normie bitch who will pick dumb romcoms. Should that happen, I am burying my switchblade in my skull five minutes after the movie begins

    • Cayne

      if your entire view on life being worth living is a partner that can pick a decent movie then I would say hi to the switchblade now. I know you are being over dramatic but seriously find someone to love that loves you and if movies aren’t her thing then teach her. don’t be a dick

      • Dreig

        Am just kidding for shitposting’s sake. But in all honesty dating is difficult forme due to date due to the fact that I am a sarcastic, pessimistic, forest-roaming edgelord with a penchant for old bullshit (be it fashion technology or culture). Since over 99% of girls my age around these parts are trendy normies, establishing a connection with them is difficult. My ex was from that remaining 1% so we clicked immediately. I usually feel a connection forming when I meet a foreign girl, but alas they always haul ass outta here quickly so a relationship with them is out of the question

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