His buddy waited for him in the water

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52 points
  • Coffeeinator3000

    idiot humans….guy was just trying to get a tan…

  • Oy Vey

    Looked like it was having trouble going down. May be injured.

    • BearnieZardoz

      It’s already half-cooked.

  • Flockacox

    I’m excited the people helped it… But sheesh, what a pathetic animal

    • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

      …said a human, who cannot survive one day on its own for the first 5 years of its life, while that pathetic animal swims the ocean an hour after its birth.

      • Mango

        Thanks for defending the turtle Martin. Let’s just hope the poor thing doesn’t visit lolsnaps and read Flocka’s DISGUSTING comment..

        • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

          Turtles can’t read bro!

      • Flockacox

        Which makes us not pathetic… Right? We can survive days in the ocean, days in the jungle, fight multiple ways… We can even breathe up side down for a day or two. This animal, falls over and will die shortly after

        • Mango

          It’s ok Flocka it’s not that serious.

  • Richard Rejmer

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some asshole human that flipped him onto his back in the first place. . Just for a laugh

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