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  • Johnny Alpha

    Try being an adult …

    • Cayne

      I’ll happily trade places with you mister actually had money to invest and made it big on bitcoin

      • Johnny Alpha

        C’mon – I gave most it away!!

        • Cayne

          see that is impressive. I am incredibly jealous that you were able to accomplish that.

  • C dV

    Quite a few good paying jobs out there where you don’t cripple yourself with debt.
    You just might have to work outside in all weather, work nights, weekends and holidays. Stop thinking you need to work at a desk.

    • Shivers

      You know, it occurs to me that I think I’m the only person I know who works at a desk.

  • clok

    72% of millennial’s surveyed said they would rather not work if the job offered was not the one they wanted. Odd, i worked several jobs i did not want till i got one I did. funny how eating and sleeping (not at your parents, they should not have to pay for you after your 18) was a goal of mine too. I do get the debt they have is bad, but i know many people who are 50+ with crippling debt, a house that not paid for, 2 cars with loans, etc.. YES its stupid of them, but debt it debt. you decide how its paid, if you want more, etc.. that’s life.. live it, be a politician and change it if you want.. but quite crying in forums, it wont change it no matter how many people “like” it along with you and agree with you. besides the comic wrong, they all would have been looking at cell phones, the males don’t have man buns and beards, and there is no trendy shop in background, none volunteered there pan-sexuality in a a situation nobody cared.. I miss emo kids.

    its all a joke.. life that is.. no matter your age.

    • Shivers

      Where the hell are you getting that number? Every millenial I know is working jobs they’re massively overqualified for. Are you talking about 18 year olds perhaps? Different generation, and everyone’s foolish when they’re 18.

      • clok

        hehe i did say at bottom its all a joke.. sorry didn’t mean to get anybodies panties in a bunch.

  • a455olds

    No on FORCED you to go to college or borrow a shitload of money to pay for it. You have no one to blame but yourselves for your debt. Suck it up buttercup, and welcome to the real world.

    • Ara Raven

      Honestly, the sheer total amount of debt has increased massively since our parents’ time, and the rates for repayment these days are really screwing over millennials. My mother got a master’s degree, and was able to pay most of her way through it by working as a teacher’s aid. She graduated with very little debt, which she had paid off fully in time to buy the house of her dreams before she hit 30. But one of my best friends, who has a master’s and works in her highly-paying field, worked 3 jobs throughout college, still graduated with horrendous debt, currently works 70+ hours per week, and still can’t always afford rent on her 1 bedroom apartment because the vast majority of her income goes to loan repayment. She is well into her 30s, and there isn’t an end in sight.

      Welcome to the real world. It’s full of curveballs, unexpected illnesses, accidents, deaths in the family, and mental trauma. The last generation had time to deal with that shit. Ours doesn’t. So if you’ve had a straight-shootin’ life, great, good for you. Just realize that you are not the rule, not by any means, and some people are dealing with things you can’t even comprehend. They shouldn’t have to suffer and have less of a chance at a good life than you do because of BS beyond their control. That’s what the real world SHOULD be.

      • a455olds

        The entire reason that the debt load of a college student has increased by 5 times the inflation rate is solely because people are willing to pay it. If you don’t want the debt then choose a field that doesn’t require it. If more people in the younger generation start choosing to not attend college then the prices will drop to a reasonable level. It’s a crying shame that most people believe that you need a degree to make a decent living.

        I chose a trade school and worked two jobs to pay for it while raising my daughter (alone, with no child support). I make a quite comfortable living now, but it didn’t happen over night and it definitely wasn’t easy.

        As for the ” curveballs, unexpected illnesses, accidents, deaths in the family, and mental trauma” that is a total cop out, those things are just part of the human experience and have been with us since the beginning and will be with us until the end.

        • Shivers

          Doesn’t work that way anymore.

          Random trade: Mechanical tool and die. Two years, 4 semesters. Semi-random school’s cost incl fees: $7,318.19 per semester. Living expenses: $600-1000/mo rent assuming shared housing, including basic utilities. $100/mo transportation (bus pass or car upkeep/gas if you already own a car). $60 for telecommunications assuming frugality/shared wifi. Plus, yanno, food… clothes… contingencies… and a little entertainment so as not to flip your lid. Tally that up and even living frugally as hell on a textbook-perfect budget it costs $60k plus. Once you’re experienced you can make $50-55k per annum gross, but you’ll start at about $34-38k for the first few years. My machinist ex who laid out the gen 1 Tesla’s dash was making $14/h at the time he did it. I also know a mechanic who works for a dealership and has to moonlight as a pizza guy to pay his bills.Trades are not the escape they used to be because experience is king.

          Conversely, all non-trade, non-entry jobs require a university degree now. True story, the last time I was jobhunting, I was told I was underqualified to be the night manager of a shoe store in a mall, despite having previously run a multi-mil national company with double digit annual growth. It’s almost unheard of to get anything better than minimum wage without a degree anymore because there are so many more workers than jobs, so employers can demand unreasonable things and get them.

          Oh, and scholarships are restricted to poor, high performing teens going directly to higher education, and student loans are limited to about $5k per year, first year out of pocket.

          Obviously different places do it differently, but that’s where it stands around me. I happen to be doing very well for myself as much by luck as anything, but I have no other viable options if this dries up.

  • Dreig

    If your debt is from liberal arts/gender studies/politology or whatever bullshit degree, you deserve it. Before you go to college, ask yourself: is that degree actually worth it when I am just going to work the same job I would without it?

    • Patchy

      Pretty sure millennial student debt comes from the unnecessary requirement by employers for you to obtain a four-year degree before they’ll even consider you for an interview.

      • Haze1nut

        What? Most student debt (millennial included) is from people borrowing money for worthless degrees. Period. If youre getting into debt and borrowing $20k+/year in tuition loans to study “basket weaving history” at a major university just for the sake of having a 4-year degree, then that’s 100% on you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with studying a trade, and there’s plenty of those jobs out there.

        • Patchy

          May I see your source?

          • Haze1nut

            A source is required for common sense, these days?

          • Patchy

            A “source” is required for anything anyone states as fact. Without proof of what you’re claiming to be facts, it’s impossible to regard what you’re saying as anything other than hearsay or opinion. I thought that was pretty much common sense.

            So you’re saying those people who come from lower-income families who decide they want to have a better life, so they take on loads of student debt to fund their way through medical school and graduate with a PhD, you’re saying those people should not have all that debt because their medical degree is worth something or are you saying that they have all that student debt because their medical degree is worthless?

            I understand you’re talking about those “liberal arts” students, but come on. Your argument doesn’t fit anywhere else.

          • BlackSwan

            Thank you.

      • Dreig

        I heard that the trend is being reversed actually, because employers no longer want zombielike debt slaves who learned nothing useful for the job in college. Unable to veify this but it does have a point, better to nurture and train your employee from lowest scrub level yourself, than rely on a institution led by pothead marxist professors to do it for you, and then still have to train them from scrub level anyways

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