I’m okay with this.


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  • Jeremy Longwood

    Yet most atheists are… x1000.
    Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior! Read the bible! Become an upstanding citizen of the USA! God bless America! God bless Trump!

    • Dragonofarbitration

      While the bible has some good ideas, I’m not prepared to believe all of it or take it seriously. Haven’t seen you for a while, and I assume you’re being sarcastic.

      • Jeremy Longwood

        Not sarcastic, VERY serious.

        • Dragonofarbitration

          God’s are by definition, ineffable. They do not have any answers, and are often the cause of much conflict.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            He is not the cause of conflict. Demons are the cause of conflict. Those who do not seek His guidance will ultimately fall into the hands of the devil.

          • Dragonofarbitration

            Sounds good, where do I sign up?

    • The009

      Brainwashed people thinking the bible is good. That it treats people fairly.

      Really sit down and read that book some time. It is not nice. It teaches you to KILL your fellow human just because they don’t believe what you do.

      • Jeremy Longwood

        I have read the good book, front to end, many times over. I don’t see anything morally wrong with dishing out punishments to sinners on behalf of the Good Lord. Those heathens have sold their souls to the Devil, they only pollute God’s divine plan. Us TRUE CHRISTIANS are his soldiers, we must carry out his plan!

        • The009

          This is why religion should be removed from Government.

          People like you think its ok to harm other people.

          And for that I shall think you are a fucking DOUCHE and who I will no longer take the time to talk to you.

          I said my thoughts and I do not Condone Harm on ANYONE for ANY Reason.

          You are not a Christian you are a BULLY who uses religion as a mask.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            No, you are the bully! Bullying us poor Christians into accepting your hedonistic ways. Keeping us from expressing our religious freedom! Forcing us to accept sins as good moral deeds. This is why we need to stop heathens like you, atheists, muslims, jews, mexicans, and the gays from taking over. Put it into law. It’s Christ’s way or the highway!

          • The009

            While your other comments where on the edge I want you to know I have flagged this last comment of yours as hate speech.

            Please refrain from that type of talk in a discussion as it is not helpful in any matter in getting any point across accept racism.

            While I find religion distasteful I find Racism DISGUSTING.

            @HoodieDog feel free to remove my comments if you find any of mine out of line as well.

          • Jeremy Longwood

            Flag them all you want! There is no hate in my comments, only the word of God. The Good Lord knows the truth and we True Christians will rise again to make America Great!

          • Peter Williams

            dude, hes just a troll. dont engage him

          • The009

            I remember him from long ago and I do not remember them ever trolling like this so I thought they were actually trying to have a discussion. I was misinformed.

          • m4a4

            …Really? His bio says “Pastor of the Ben Dover Lowe Baptist Church” and you didn’t figure he’s a troll sooner?

            Were you just hoping he was actually the caricature he portrays that bad?

          • HoodieDog

            Yeah, Reverend Longwood is a longtime commenter on the site and it’s all tongue in cheek.

  • Carlos the Dwarf


  • m4a4

    If only humans could follow such simple (though ambiguous) directions…

  • JimmyJJuniorSenior

    And yet they still are.

  • Raedwulf

    Aim to have as few enemies as possible at the end of the game, my minister father-in-law found this to be an acceptable goal in life.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/442960499416716/ Sergio Cuquerella

    Whom ever wants to get rid of this troll just flag his comments as what they are pure hatred and block him then you wont be dealing with his fake trolling ways again. Just saying, where there is a will there is way.

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