have you ever thought about a movie after watching it and there are always colors associated with it in your minds eye.the colors match my thought process. what about you?


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  • Fokke

    Absolutely. It’s a matter of association. Directors deliberately colorize or de-colorize their movies to create an atmosphere. With me it works. We had a snap a few days ago about Mexico often being depicted in a brownish hue. Have you ever seen a movie by Zang Yimou? In many of his movies, color is like a part of the sets and the costumes.

    • Captain Obvious

      Most movies… At least good movies with good cinematography, tend to have a color scheme in mind before production. Wes Anderson is a very obvious director who uses a very specific color scheme for each of his films and will generally build sets and costumes around those color schemes.

  • Zund

    I assume this is the average color per frame through out the movie or something? I’d be interested in seeing a break down of what sections of colors match what parts of the movie. Like is the pinkish band right under the n in Finding Nemo the jellyfish scene?

    • Entity

      Well that’s a simple matter of measuring roughly where the purple is on the image, doing some maths to see the centre is at about 43% converting that to minutes (about 46 min out of a 104 minute movie), downloading the movie, skipping to the scene and then finding the equivalent section on youtube.

      • Zund

        Hey I was right, thanks for doing the work so I don’t have to.

  • RaddClaw

    Yeah, and I’ve seen some films that have a magnificent art production and make great decisions with the colors they use… have you seen “Drive” with Ryan Gosling?, I love the colors in that movie, synthwave, 80’s inspired

  • Jeremy Longwood

    Reminds me of my last five strokes.

    • brujah1381

      That explains so very much

  • Garrus Vakarian

    Did you have a stroke near the end of Nemo?

  • Patchy

    Sin City, for example.

  • BlackSwan

    Finding Nemo needs more orange for me.

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