Sideways landing in a 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport

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  • Kelvin

    That’s a damn good pilot.

    • Jeremy Longwood

      It’s not the pilot. It’s God who saved them all.

      • perthaussieguy

        Where was God for the passengers of MH17?

        • Jeremy Longwood

          Busy saving the passengers on this flight, obviously!

          • perthaussieguy

            Ahhh, so He is not omnipotent then 🙁

          • Andre Poreskin

            No, they were clearly not Christian enough.

          • perthaussieguy

            Ahhhh …… so He doesn’t think we are all His children then, to be treated equal with love. He has his favourites. So that’s why with these ‘TV Evangelists’ the more money is donated to the Pastor, the higher you are in His eyes for favours …. 😛

    • BearnieZardoz

      Tom Hanks.

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    Here’s your definitive proof that the Earth IS, in fact, flat and we’re all just puppets on strings.

  • Michael Mason

    Stig’s pilot cousin

  • Matt D

    I can do that

  • Richard Rejmer

    Imagine being a passenger sitting in a window seat. .
    Looking out the window for the final minute. . Shitting yourself. . “The plane’s going SIDEWAYS!”

  • Snowstorm

    I’d fuck the pilot after that. They’ve earned it.

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