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  • Brandon Brown

    I work in a kitchen and honestly, regarding tattoos, I saw a new hire that was training and she had no visible ink, not to say there isn’t any, but I did think, huh, no tats, good for her. Otherwise, I am the only non-tat person in my environment besides everyone over 40 that works there. I’d say average age across the board at my restaurant it would be about 30 y/o.
    Not against them, but it seems that everyone has them now.

    • Oy Vey

      Oh boy! I’m a rare specimen! No tats and under 40.

      • perthaussieguy

        I got my first tattoo at 62 😛

      • BlackSwan

        Same here. Although I wish I could get them.

    • James Denman

      Honestly with that, and also a bunch of other stuff, I personally reckon that its more to do with things becoming more socially acceptable. If the same number of people want tattoos as who wanted them thirty years ago, but theyre more publicly acceptable theres gonna be more people that have tattoos. As best I can tell people no longer assume that having tattoos means that a person is gonna kill you and steal your wallet or whatever, so naturally more people have tattoos.

  • The man that did that thing

    It’s only skin deep.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Have never come across any name, slogan, or artwork I was so impressed with that I wanted it on my body permanently.

  • Jake

    My views on tattoo (although nobody cares)

    Tattoos are an awesome form of self expression. Let’s people know who you are. HOWEVER. I believe they need to be in locations that can be covered.

    Same with facebook. It’s ok to have friends. But you NEVER add your employer or management.

    It’s just drama that is unnecessary.

  • That Guy

    It says society is shallow as fuck if they care that someone else gets tattooed

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