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  • Tanya Wicht
  • Jeremy Longwood

    AKA Donald Trump 2020!

    • Scott A Emery


      • Jeremy Longwood

        RIGHT! Donald Trump is the best president of all time! For every God-fearing Christian out there, he is doing amazing things for this country.

        • Andre Poreskin

          Agreed! Those non-humans at the border deserve to die.

          • Dreig

            They deserve to be turned around and ordered to march home. Just arriving at some country’s border does not grant you any right in that country. Hell the US Border patrol is actually being nice by keeping illegal caughts at the border in detention centers, do you know what would have happened to you in USSR if you tried to cross the border between two staes which were IN the Union without proper paperwork? Depending on the mood of border patrol, would get the shit kicked out of you and thrown into prison for over a decade, shot and then torn up by their wolfdogs or just straight up sent to gulag upon arrest.

          • Nora Bora

            Jews are so lucky to be in the US. Do you know what would have happened if they were in Germany in the early 40’s? They should stop complaining about anti-semitism and hate crimes and thank Jehovah that they are living in this place and time. We’re actually nice for not keeping them in ghettos like we do with others.

            OMG, and remember all those refugees that entered through Ellis Island? We shouldn’t have processed ANY of them. Should’ve kept them in cages. People fleeing the potato famine? SHOULD’VE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE BEING BORN IN A COUNTRY THAT WOULD GO THROUGH FAMINE! Refugees from Asia that were created by USA actions? Well they should’ve picked another country to be born in. Why are they fleeing violence? Wimps.

            Educated Chinese people fleeing China after Tienanmen Square? Screw them. My momma should’ve manned up and died there.

            Those refugees at the border deserve to be treated EXACTLY like illegal Europeans. Locked up Polish children in a cages right outside the airport and denied basic necessities.

            While we’re at it, we sholld put “sovereign citizens” in cages too. ROUND THEM UP.

            And the UN is absolutely wrong to declare that it is in violation of the Universal Human Rights (which became a thing over 70 years ago and which the USA originally supported. What the hell do they know. Red America knows better. WOOT!

          • Dreig

            Those terrible cage-like conditions you probably saw in the video that resurfaced lately, and that was in 2015 due to a lack of funding for the detention centers. But keeping people who tried to enter illegally behind fence? That is a normal procedure and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you give those people two options: 1) Apply for asylum/legal citizenship or some other form of short or long time stay in the country. If they fail, giving them a free lift home is fair. But if they refuse… 2) Load them into a catapult and shoot them over the border politely tell them to turn around and head back

          • Nora Bora

            What video did I probably see? I don’t do videos. I prefer written articles that I can cross reference with other sources.

            And no – there is such thing as *GASP* Legal asylum? That is actually part of the International Human Rights Agreement that the US is a part of!

            1) How do you apply for legal asylum/visa in the USA before you get to the US if you’re from a violent country that doesn’t want you to leave?
            2) How do you apply for asylum when the new “normal procedure” has an intentional backlog to deter and punish people for seeking asylum? And you have to interview with multiple federal agencies that take months? Does this justify such poor treatment that the UN is calling it a violation of universal human rights?

            “The US immigration system is failing to accommodate children and families seeking legal asylum. Experts say it is a manufactured crisis, designed to create a backlog, drive political support for the president’s hardline policies and, in theory, deter migrants from crossing the border.

            As a policy, it is not working. The number of children and families arriving at the border seeking asylum – a process the US is required to observe under international law – has increased as conditions in Central America have become more desperate. In the early 2000s, the majority of those apprehended at the border were single male workers, predominantly from Mexico. Most are now children and families seeking asylum. According to CBP data, about 72% of those apprehended at the border in May were families or children. In 2012, only 10% were families or children.

            The vast majority of these migrants are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – countries where political turmoil, economic instability and violence have been exacerbated by the climate crisis and past US intervention.”


          • Dreig

            Okay then, what do you propose? And to be fair you can even give your mind on EU immigration, since I gave mine on US immigration

          • Nora Bora

            My proposal? Instead of focus on detaining refugees we should find a more efficient way of processing them. Hell, instead of locking them up, have them help in the kitchen and make food for the other people in processing. Separate the sick and let them get medical attention. No intentional backlog. Let CBP officers get the mental and physical help they need to recover from the stress of forcibly separating families.

            Save the harsh treatment for people smuggling guns to Mexico and other actual bad people.

            I don’t have an opinion on EU immigration honestly. Like a typical ‘murican, I’m selfishly concerned mostly with my country. My core understandings/thoughts is the following though:

            European countries have a very different history/relations with other countries than the US does and thus can’t be compared on a 1 to 1 basis.

            Countries (A) that were colonized or under the power of another country (B) – the A people should be allowed to immigrate to B.

            People escaping violence and famine should be given a chance. No matter how bad it is, it’s never easy to leave the home, friends, and family for something you don’t know.

            No one country is required to help/accept every refugee migrant in the world – but we shouldn’t be treating everyone (including children) like a monsters right off the bat and punish them for seeking asylum. We have a responsibility to our world and fellow man to try to make it a better place.

          • Andre Poreskin

            Same thing…

        • Anh Thư

          he provides materials for great memes. I’ll give him that.

      • Nora Bora

        I’m sure this is another Ken M.

      • Tanya Wicht
      • Dreig

        Trumpy needs to serve another term for the Dem-Dems to scrounge up a good candidate. It took them two terms of George The Chimpanzee to get a viable replacement, and he was imho far worse than Cheeto Drumpf. He was like the bad parts of Thanks Obama! and Orange Man – weak leader plus a buffoon, whereas Obama is a good and chill guy but weak leader and negotiator, and Trump is a buffoon but strong leader and negotiator.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    What functioning adult would want the office?

    • brujah1381

      Buttigeig is my favorite at this point but it’s still early

      • Carlos the Dwarf

        How do you feel about how his police department behaves and how he has responded to that behavior?

        • brujah1381

          The officer shooting just happened, it’s still being investigated. I’m not going to jump to a conclusion without all of the facts so I guess my answer is I’ll get back to you.

      • Dreig

        Huhuhuh, you will have a president called Buttgeig. Huhuh. Butt-geig huhuh huh huh. But still better than that soulless robot Warren

        • brujah1381

          It’s pronounced boot-edge-edge. He was a US Navy officer so I assume he’s at least a halfway decent leader. You don’t have to be a dick to be an effective leader.

          • Dreig

            Well normally you don’t need to be a dick to be effective leader true, but this is the USA we are talking about. Anyways an ex-navy officer might be able to resist the warmongers in the Congress and other institution, not letting them into bullying him into starting shit somewhere far away, or on the other hand there is still a chance he might be the *soldier senses tingling, okay war now* type. Buuut that is still a dice worth rolling

  • The People’s Poet

    What is wrong with America is more than just who sits on the big boy chair…

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