This is so dumb, but I felt compelled to post it.



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        1. Perfect! XD I’ve been better, honestly. Life’s blows just keep coming. If I could go back to when brain surgery was my biggest stressor, that’d be great.

          1. Well Ayden and I are technically homeless rn, because of all the mold and the cockroaches in the house I was supposed to rent from my grandmother. I’m staying with my ex (you know, the one I ran away from) because we’ve got nowhere else to go. I’m still dealing with my health issues. I’m currently on the outs with my family again because I can’t handle the gaslighting and emotional abuse. Life is just stomping my face into the ground atm.

            How are things with you?

          2. Well, I could say that I am trying to alleviate some water in the basement issues, or that my wife is currently not speaking to me, but probably best to keep my little problems to myself. I hope you can hang on long enough for things to turn around for you. I’d offer you a hug, but I might be tempted to do a little motorboating and that would just ruin a beautiful moment. 😉

          3. XD you’re always free to share your issues with me. I’m happy to listen and it (selfishly) makes me feel not so alone, wading through this shit.

          4. Glad I could help in some small way. I am on a little break from ditch digging. With the heat and humidity, my breaks are starting to get longer than my work time. Speaking of shit here is a joke for you. A group of psychologists was trying to determine what makes an optimist and a pessimist. They presented one child with a room full of toys. He sat in the room dejectedly for the duration of the experiment. They interviewed him afterwards and asked him why he was unhappy. He replied,”I’m sure one of the toys in this room is broken.” They presented a new subject with a room full of horseshit. She spent the duration of the experiment excitedly digging through the horseshit. They interviewed her afterwards and asked her why he was so happy. She replied,”With this much horseshit, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.” Moral of the story, as you wade through the shit, be careful not to step on a pony!

          5. Sometimes it is less important that there is a pony than that there is an unquenchable belief that there might be one.