… with a nice chianti…

And she seemed quite a nice lady too....


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  • Jeremy Longwood

    Disgusting… Society really is becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality, baby eating, Democrats, morons who forget that I told them “no ice in my soda” at the drive thru.

    • Mounty1103

      dont know if you are trolling or not

      • Flockacox

        He is… It’s what he does… Sometimes it’s clever… Still trying to figure out who it is

        • Gregor

          And he used to be a bit more subtle about it

          • Flockacox

            Yea, he’s full force now

      • Daniel Emberton

        you must be new.. lol

    • Gregor
    • Coffeeinator3000

      I bet they gave you pop instead of soda too huh.

    • Shivers

      I am disheartened that there’s no google image for “Sodomy and Gamora” (from GotG).

  • Dreig

    Excuse to shitpost with this video again


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