The IT guy


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  • m4a4

    Yup. It tends to be a response to “ID 10 T” errors that are all so common for IT guys…

  • Dennisch

    One of those scrawny dickwads, one who thought he was the man, once shut the door in my face when I was talking to one of his colleagues. He thought he was being funny, but he didn’t expect me to open the door and once and for all learn him not to disrespect people who are 20 cm taller and a good 30 kg heavier. Cost me my job but the satisfaction of smacking and dragging someone through a building for everyone to see can’t be matched.

    • Peter Williams

      so you assaulted someone for closing a door. clap clap dickhead

      • Dennisch

        Go cry in the corner.

      • Patchy

        Classic case of the “I’m pissed off because I’m not being treated the way I want to be treated” phenomenon.

        • Peter Williams

          like a toddler throwing a tantrum for not getting a cookie

  • The man that did that thing

    Very much nsfw, language-wise:

    • BlackSwan

      It’s Watson.

      • Zoe Isabeau Graves

        and the ‘are we the baddies?’ guy

    • Gregor

      When does the offensive language start?

      • The man that did that thing

        All right, it’s nsfw if you’re from the UK.

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