Bartender skills

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  • slayz

    yeah that’s awesome, but i ordered that drink like half and hour ago…

    • Inaba

      here’s your gin n’ tonic sir, that’ll be 124,95

  • Not Jose

    Bartender skills is making a drink properly, bartender flair is making a show out of it.

  • Matt

    Most other gifs or videos of this, is some douche being very aggressive with his arms and having a circle of death around him, where if yo enter, you will get hit by a bottle!

    To me, this looks more classy. not because she is a lady, but because the juggling is so clean and easy to follow.

  • Trevor

    I ordered a fucking beer, ffs.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Hope they have someone that makes drinks to go along with the entertainment.

  • Patchy

    Today, in another episode of “Useless tricks humans waste too much time perfecting”…

  • Shivers

    Okay but give me a clean shaker now, you’ve put that bottle in it several times.

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