Finding that one song…


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  • FizzPop

    Dude… For years I’ve been trying to remember a song that used to play on our local TV channels in a time period that I can only vaguely remember – the only thing I remember is a few seconds of visual images from the music video.
    I still haven’t found it.

    • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

      What are the visuals?

      • PATMAN

        Good luck on trying to find it….. Edit….. oh, wait……

      • slayz

        if it’s an international artist, we could probably help you find it. just give us some details.
        1. what year
        2. what genre
        3. male of female or group
        4. the few seconds of visual images

        • FizzPop

          You’re kind to offer, I’ve run as many varied and specific searches as I can over a couple of years since the curiosity has been niggling at me, but no luck. Because everything I can remember is useless info haha.

          It’s anywhere between 2005 and 2012ish? I don’t even know. At first I thought it was more 2009-2011 but when I just could not find it that time frame I wondered if my memory of it is fucked up over time…

          It’s like, maybe slowish/lowish EDM? I can’t even remember! The artist isn’t in the video, that I can remember, and I think the vocals are an unknown/lesser known feature to a DJ… can’t even remember the gender of the vocalist.

          The only thing I remember about it is that the group of people featured in the video (all early 20s, all very attractive, all actors and not the artist) were wandering around in an urban environment being intimate here and there, dressed in early hipster+pop-punk gear, and I just remember mostly blue-grey tones throughout.
          The few seconds I remember clearly were a couple climbing up some steel grate stairs outside an apartment building-of sorts. I THINK *shrugs*
          But even those visuals I’m doubting because I just have so little to go on to conduct searches.

          I don’t even know if I like the song – I just remembered a period of my life where I did nothing and sat and watched TV, and that song just kept popping up between whatever was airing.
          More recently it popped into my mind, triggered by who knows what, and I wondered about it, and could not remember the artist or song name, or even lyrics… just those vague descriptions of what was happening in the video, but the less I can remember, the more I want to know what it was!
          It’s low-key driving me crazy.

          • slayz

            yikes! EDM is not my strong point. nevertheless, i will try to find it!

          • FizzPop

            Hahaha you really don’t have to, though I appreciate the sentiment!
            I was mostly just trying to explain how useless my information is, that has resulted in my not being able to find the song!
            It’s probably more pop-EDM, though, but it’s not a pop group… so I just said EDM. *Shrugs…
            If you feel like you’re wasting your time, I will not be offended if you give up!
            I’ve sort of given up. I keep giving up, until I get another random thought that makes me think I can expand/narrow the search a bit. Hence it taking me years to try and figure it out.

          • slayz

            don’t lose hope yet. at least i’ll have something to do in my free time. you never know what will turn up on youtube.

          • FizzPop

            Well, I am grateful for the assistance! Thanks you 🙂

          • slayz

            i’ve skimmed through 200+ edm videos. so far, this is the closest match to your description. blue-grey tones, young people in their 20’s being intimate, a couple going up the roof via steel staircase.

          • FizzPop

            It fits the description exactly, but it’s not it – good grief. I didn’t even find this during any of my searches. Thank you though haha

          • FizzPop

            I feel really bad that I’m sending you on this goose chase…
            Especially because any of my vague recollections could be incorrect

          • slayz

            hahaha. i’m in my 400th + video now, but there’s nothing that match your description, apart from the one that i’ve posted. so should i stop?

          • FizzPop

            I am so sorry for wasting your time! But I really appreciate the effort, really
            edit: you are completely welcome to stop, of course

          • slayz

            some of the videos are blocked, and some i’ve seen quite a few times. sorry i couldn’t find the video you’re looking for. well, it’s almost time for me to get on home. see ya next week.

          • FizzPop

            Thank you again, for the effort. Very kind of you.
            Keep well 🙂

  • Mounty1103

    i think you’re doing it wrong

    • Entity

      Yeah, he should be able to google the lyric and find the song in way less than an hour.

  • Gatekeeper

    Yeah if finding something on the interwebs brings you more pleasure than sex, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

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