Man passes out while driving

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  • ComputerPony

    I call fake. Unless this man has a *serious* case of lead foot, even when asleep. Cars don’t go much more than 1 or maybe 2 mph when the gas isn’t being pressed. And they do decelerate by default…

  • Gregor

    This appears to be from the man himself:

    “Previously unknown medical condition caused a crash on 4/2/2015. I have never passed out in 26 years, but suddenly passed out. I wasn’t tired, sleepy or anything like that. The last thing i remembered was turning off the cruise control, then I just passed out….. ”

  • perthaussieguy

    Is that my favourite horsey symbol on the steering wheel???

  • gdowson

    Why does the steering wheel turn into the fence before he hits it first time?

    Also car turns abruptly left despite no steering input (not even the wheel moves) when going back through the fence. Seems unlikely to be a spin.

    Something seems off here.
    Maybe the steering was broken as it went off road but still seems odd…

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