It’s getting salty out here

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  • Christie

    To be fair, comicbook aquaman is different than TV aquaman

    • Ara Raven

      But….. that image there is from TV, and it looks just like the Aquaman from his original Adventure comics, and from his heyday in the silver age of comics…

      Sure, he got the scaled, golden armor for New 52, but he was still a blonde caucasian, the absolute farthest thing from the distinctly native Arthur Curry that we got with Jason Momoa.

      I’m really confused what we’re being fair about here, actually.

    • Raedwulf
  • The People’s Poet

    Why does anyone care? They have been altering characters in stories since stories were a thing.

    • Entity

      You can “re-boot” a story and change any details you like except skin tone. Apparently that is the thing which really changes a fictional character. Not their powers which are always subject to change, not their backstory or their motivation, it’s all about their melatonin levels.

  • Snowstorm

    Because aquaman wasn’t a redhead. There’s plenty enough blonde characters out there, feel free to take them.

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