A master debater

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  • The009

    I have never seen a religious person win a debate with an atheist but i have seen atheist make people question their faith.

    • Jeremy Longwood

      I beg to differ. I have demolished countless atheists in debates and turned them into believers.

      • Mym Zy

        Exclude shower fantasies plix.

    • Dreig

      I am a deist and I like to confuse the shit out of Jehovah’s witnesses

  • perthaussieguy

    A really competent debater could debate both sides of any subject

    • apgrovas

      I agree, and if he is able to win on either side of the subject, he would truly be a master debater.

  • The People’s Poet

    You can fight faith with logic. As to have faith, you have to ignore logic.

    • Jeremy Longwood

      Faith IS logic. If you lack faith, then you not only lack logic, but you also lack a moral compass.

      • Nick

        I have faith in logical reasoning, so in that regard, I guess you’re right.

        In my experience though, when a devout religious person says, you lack faith, they really mean,you lack the same faith i have in the same religion I have. Is that about right?

        Also, there are many moral compasses. You feel free to use yours, that is absolutely fine. I have my own thanks.

        • Jeremy Longwood

          You have no real moral compass because you do not place your faith in the Good Lord. You are an empty shell walking aimlessly without truly understanding the greater scheme of things.

          • Nick


            If the bible is the only moral compass, why is slavery now illegal against the express orders of the Bible?

          • Jeremy Longwood

            As the great Kanye West once proclaimed, slavery is a choice. In order for heathens to truly understand and believe in the word of God, they must first suffer through the trials and tribulations of slavery. Many Jews understood this, they eventually followed in the name of Christ in order to escape their predicaments, hence Christianity. Without slavery, the heathens are able to roam free without any guidance from God’s true followers and disciples.

      • japanusrelations

        Can you use ‘direction’ rather than ‘compass’; that word is just too close to being vulgar for my tastes.

      • Gregor

        Have you sold your daughters into slavery yet and did you get a good price?

      • rick

        So basically.. the only thing preventing you from raping. murdering and pillaging is belief in an otherwise unknown sky deity. I am honestly worried that you don’t see a problem with that kind of backwards logic.

        edit: that or massive troll. Either way.. religion doesn’t own morality.

        • Das Puggy

          Guess what. He’s not “that”, therefore….

        • Jeremy Longwood

          Yes, faith in God keeps evil from culminating within. If you have true, unrelenting faith in the Good Lord and His teachings, then Satan’s trickery will never faze you. If you do not place faith in Him, then you end up seeking faith elsewhere, and usually not in the best of places.

    • Tanya Wicht

      Can or can’t?

  • Matt

    How can you “win” against an atheist? Their whole things is, there is no thing. How can you win against that? it’s like an optimist WINNING over a nihilist. Doesn’t work like that.

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