Which one will you choose?


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  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Clearly blue, everything else would just overwhelm your senses

    • The People’s Poet

      Technically so would blue.

      The human brain can only hold so much information before being overloaded and shutting down.

      I know it is fictional, but the act of achieving CHIM is like that.

      It is to know the ultimate truths and retain your mind. Most are destroyed by the realisation that they are only dreams of a greater being and cease to exist.

      • Not Jose

        Depends on how you look at it, it says the ability to know, which can mean you can choose what information you know, rather than all knowledge.

        • Brandon Brown

          I recently came a across a post that said something similar. … I didn’t want learn this fact because after this I will Know. You can’t unlearn, what you know – chose wisely.

  • perthaussieguy

    Pink: The ability to hear other peoples thoughts if you are close to them.

  • brujah1381


  • The man that did that thing

    I didn’t know colours were particles. Is it a bit like peppermint is a fundamental particle?

    • BearnieZardoz

      Yes, right? I stopped reading at that.

    • Matt

      Is that a Terry Pratchett’s “Lords and Ladies” joke??? I believe the quote is this:

      It was here that the thaum, hitherto believed to be the smallest possible particle of magic, was succesfully demonstrated to be made up of /resons/ (Lit.: ‘Thing-ies’) or reality fragments. Currently research indicates that each reson is itself made up of a combination of at least five ‘flavours’, known as ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘sideways’, ‘sex appeal’ and ‘peppermint’.

      • The man that did that thing

        It was indeed. 🙂

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      Aren’t photons considered to be particles?

      • The man that did that thing

        Wave/particles? Fair point, though. Although, I’m not sure a ‘blue’ photon is funtionally a different particle from a ‘green’ photon.

        • Carlos the Dwarf

          You mean aside from its energy?

          • The man that did that thing

            Isn’t it its frequency that affects its colour…? Its energy affects its brightness… I think? It’s been ages since I studied photons and particle physics…

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            Intensity would be related to the number of photons. The individual photons have a unique amount of energy which has a corresponding color. If you are thinking in terms of waves, then energy is proportional to frequency.

          • The man that did that thing

            Ah, okay… but what about peppermint? And also sex-appeal?

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            Sorry, I skipped class that day.

          • The man that did that thing

            Damn it!

  • Mym Zy

    Purple: thanossnap

  • ItsFluffyTho

    As an artist, sometimes just looking at some colors next to each other is louder than anything.

  • Entity

    Green and Red seem like they could be matched with current technology (microscopes/telescopes and a device that creates an audio tone based on colour detected), but the ability to predict the future would be a genuine advantage. Predict your potential causes of death and the cures, predict the best stocks to buy and sell, be essentially unassailable because no-one can sneak up on you, there is so much to having perfect future prediction that it is ridiculous to compare it to “hearing colour” or not requiring a microscope.

  • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan


  • Gatekeeper

    Blue, definitely! The other two would probably drive you to insanity.

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