This is why wearing white clothes in the summer is such a great idea…

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36 points
  • Not Jose

    I Did a similar thing with a laser

    • Mango


  • The man that did that thing
    • perthaussieguy

      Don’t use a laser pointer on a black fella, he will pop!!!

      • The man that did that thing


  • m4a4

    Wear (almost) clear clothing. Got it.

    • Zombiehamster

      No, then your shirt will be cool and you will cook

  • ItsFluffyTho

    Thanks. The people on my short shit list better not wear white around me.

  • BlackSwan

    I need to do this experiment with my son.

    • Das Puggy

      I hope you’re not going to try to pop him open.

      • BlackSwan

        Once you’ve seen the insides of one person, you’ve seen them all. I mean, what? Of course not.

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