Gas is expensive tho


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  • Simon Wells

    Cost of fuel in the UK is massively more expensive than in the USA. I especially enjoy how 90% of the cost is tax, then they add VAT of 20% to the bill, so you pay more tax on the tax too.

  • Andre Poreskin

    No, no we wouldn’t drive 7 hours for dinner or chips and fucking dip…
    A concert, sex, drugs, or murder? Of course…

    • lizziesmama

      I drove 7 hours to take my daughter to see a BTS concert in Chicago. At Soldier Field. in 44 degree weather. I’m still waiting on my mom of the year trophy to come in.

  • Dropwing Duck

    My commute here in tiny Switzerland is 1:40h to 1:50h one-way with public transport (door-to-door) and about an hour by car.

    The public transport time is probably significantly above average for my country (haven’t looked it up though), and my time by car likely is too, but one-ish hour of commuting (per leg) is common enough that people at least don’t look at you weird when you tell them.

    45 minutes of travel being a serious hindrance — mobility or financial or other issues notwithstanding — does seem pretty funny to me.

    • Tanya Wicht

      Yeah, I suspect it is an excuse, rather than a reason.

      • Gatekeeper

        Probably Dad’s a wanker and that’s why they only visit 2-4 times per yr.

  • the dude

    i wouldnt drive 7 hours for anything around where i live. 10 hours is a different story. 16 hours is fine, too. 7 hours is Boise, ID. who wants to go there?

    • BlackSwan

      Well hell, in 7 hours you could come visit me!

      • the dude

        what, are you in Boise? lol

        • BlackSwan

          Well I’m currently right outside of Boise. Yeah. But I go to Boise just about every day. So hey 7 hour road trip and we could hang for a weekend or something. XD

  • RC

    Maybe they just don’t like their dad much.

    • rick

      Yea.. my mum is maybe 30 minutes away… will not visit her unless I have to.

  • an otter one bites the dust

    in a 2 hours radius, i can be in 3 different counties. (by car of course)

    in 7 hours… 13

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