Training for years in the village prepared him for this moment

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26 points
  • IMHO

    Meh. What a waste. His hands are still free. Coulda had a mug in each hand and saved a few additional trips.

  • The009

    Racist Title?

    • m4a4

      Your comment contains a racist?

    • Harsh Puppy

      There are many kinds of village.

  • Anna Troll

    I found a flat spot on my head and can easily balance a lot of weight on my head without difficulty. I balanced a ten pounds briefcase up there and walked a couple blocks like that.

  • apgrovas

    3M Command strips. Perfect for hanging pictures in your wall and carrying beers at the stadium!

  • Jim Kick

    The head on that looks flat

  • RC

    Great until you forget it’s there

  • Chris Thomas

    Level headed…

  • Raedwulf

    Why am I thinking it’s a play on this

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