What could go wrong letting kids run in a bar?

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  • Gregor

    The guy sitting at the bar is so far out he doesn’t seems to notice anything

    • Andre Poreskin

      He’s dead inside like the rest of us, during liquid therapy.

  • Darin Gordon

    Love how the guy at bar doesn’t even flinch.

    • RC

      That’d be me tbh

      • Gregor

        You’re the type to run into the bar too?

        • RC

          Was the goalie in football(soccer) once, went to get the ball that had gone off pitch…while shouting at the defenders Nd forgot I was on the goal line.
          Ran straight into the goal post.

  • Fobia(Kadin)

    But did he died

  • AcidMan
  • BearnieZardoz
    • Andre Poreskin

      @ all those moving truck rentals…Hope you paid for the damage waiver.

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    You can bet some dentist encouraged this.

  • Vladislav Richter

    They grow up so fast…

  • Harsh Puppy

    That’s not how to dance the limbo.

  • Ara Raven

    Two kids run into a bar. One of them forgets to duck.

    • Chris Thomas

      A plethora of upvotes to you!

  • Daniel Emberton

    i can hear this gif..

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