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  • IMHO

    Yup its Florida. Home of some of the weirdest stories:
    Doctor abuses Uber driver
    Teen impersonates OBGYN for over a month
    Man throws alligator through restaurant drive-in window
    Face eating zombie
    Child finds gun under truck seat and shoots gun-enthusiast mom while she’s driving
    Cop shoots mental therapist sitting on sidewalk who has surrendered with his hands up

    • Gregor

      The fucking police idiot was still working after that ‘incident’
      Just look at how threatening the guy looks, lying on his back with his hands straight up in the air, typical case of being black while also alive

      • rick

        “On April 12, 2017, Jonathan Aledda was arrested on charges of attempted manslaughter and negligence for his role in the affair.[23] The Miami-Dade County Criminal Justice Online Systems state case number is 13-2017-CF-007072-0001-XX.

        In March 2019, the case was declared a mistrial as the jury could not reach a verdict on all charges. The jurors voted to acquit Aledda of one misdemeanor count of culpable negligence for shooting at Rios Soto. However they could not reach a decision on the three remaining charges, one of misdemeanor culpable negligence for his shot at Kinsey and two charges of felony attempted manslaughter.[24] Prosecutors have yet to decide if they will retry the case.

        In June of 2019 Jonathan Aledda was found not guilty on two counts of attempted manslaughter (felony charges) but guilty of culpable negligence, a misdemeanor.[25]”

        Fuck. Off.

        Such a bullshit outcome.

        • Gregor

          This is what class justice and privilege looks like

  • AcidMan

    Other states would probably be known for if they had the Sunshine Law as well.

  • Ry


    “This alligator?? No that’s just fluffy! He’s a good gator, always eats his bagels”

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