Shark (approx. 25-30 ft & 5000 lbs) spotted off of Martha’s Vineyard

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  • Jake

    I don’t know where Martha’s Vineyard is. But that is some pretty water. I’d go swimming. Shark be damned.

    • Vava

      New England/Massachusetts/Cape Cod. Whatever tells you more.

    • Metalliferous

      I used to swim in these waters – it was long time ago and I miss it. The only problem was the jellyfish – I got one of my arms paralyzed by some kind of jellyfish I didn’t even see – fortunately it happened close to the shore.

      • Jake

        Bummer. I’ve heard those hurt!

        • Metalliferous

          It was a strange feeling – at first, it seemed as if a very soft net or tissue covered my arm and pars of the shoulder- felt weird but not unpleasant. A second or two later, it was followed by a sudden, excruciating pain which immobilized the affected body parts. I could easily become food for the seafood, had the shore been away and I panicked. I was lucky with the former because I did panic a bit :)…. still go swimming in sea but will never go nearly as far in as before this accident.

          • Jake

            I think that’s one life experience I’m going to pass on. I’ll take your word for it that it sucks.

  • a455olds

    Fish are friends not food. People on the other hand are tasty and easy to catch.

  • Harsh Puppy
  • Jim Kick
  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Looks to me like a bull shark, but they don’t come close to that length. Also, looks shorter than that length

    • BearnieZardoz

      What I like about bull sharks: They go into sweet water. Inventive little buggers! I only go swimming in my bathtub.

      • Aidan Weiss-Rice

        People always say that great whites are the scariest/worst sharks, but they have nothing on bull sharks. Those fuckers will attack anything, while great whites will only attack what they think is food, or perceive as a threat, which isn’t much

        • BearnieZardoz

          Yes. I have sharkophobia in a serious case (as an older teenager I once had a panic attack in a fucking LAKE), and I don’t like any shark larger than my hand, but emotions aside, I think the worst of the all is the Bull. Or maybe the hammerhead, because that one always shows up in brigade sized units.

  • Out Standing
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