Tampons in Germany have a 19% VAT (Value Added Tax) while books only have a 7% VAT. So tampons are sold as a book with the slogan “Stop Taxing Periods. Period.”


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  • Chris Thomas


  • brujah1381

    The cost of tampons and pads should be refunded as a 100% tax credit and any man who doesn’t support this should have every woman they know come over once a month and sit in his favorite chair

  • Chris Thomas

    All excellent men should support the abolishment of the pink tax

    • Aidan Weiss-Rice

      The pink tax isn’t a thing, and this is not an example of it regardless because men don’t have an equivalent of a tampon. But, fuck them for having that high of a tax on tampons

      • Cayne

        would you mind explaining that to me. purely the fact that man don’t have an equivalent proves that it is an unfair system. they are nearly required and should not be taxed period. my humble opinion

  • Harsh Puppy

    This is phrased to make it look like there is a special higher tax for tampons. Come on.

  • BearnieZardoz

    Well, medicine is at 19%, too. So what’s the point? Tampons should be taxed less then medicine?

    • brujah1381

      The point is medicine and other related products shouldn’t be taxed at all

      • BearnieZardoz

        Fine, I readily agree with that. But this here is a selective campaign to have something that women need reduced in taxes below medicine.
        Too much socialjusticewarrior and metoo overzealous piece.

        Since women don’t use tampons for recreational purposes they should be classified as medical stuff. And now, let’s talk about why medical stuff is taxed higher than books. Why medical stuff is taxed as high as a TV set or a car. Same applies for diapers.

        • brujah1381

          I don’t know what the policy is in Germany but here in the US there is a child tax credit to offset the cost of diapers and formula, ect. but having children is a choice so it shouldn’t be 100% credited. In my opinion the patient should never have to pay out of pocket for medicine, you didn’t choose to be sick, but things like cigarettes and alcohol that contribute to illnesses should be heavily taxed to help cover the cost of the treatment they necessitate. Women didn’t choose to have periods, they shouldn’t have to pay extra for the products needed to deal with the condition and they should receive a tax credit to cover the cost of those products.

          • BearnieZardoz

            Well besides the minor thing about the diapers (yes, as singular persons people usually decide to have kids, but as a society, I would say kids are just the natural way to go) I can agree in general with everything you said.

        • James Denman

          I mean imo its okay to try and fix one specific issue rather than only being allowed to try and fix all public issues at once. Trying to fix a singular medical tax, (which is probs easier to fix than others) is alright without also having to work at fixing every medical tax at the same time. The fact that one injustice exists, does not mean we shouldnt try to fix another.

          • BearnieZardoz

            If I would have the feeling that, after campaigning for the one, they would continue with the other, I would think so. But I have the nagging idea, that those campaigning for the tax reduction of the tampons, they will be all set. And taking the one out of the rest feels a bit egoistical. But I guess, I am just overreacting with all these fashionable campaigns going one after the other through the interwebs.

          • James Denman

            I somehow doubt theyll achieve this one goal, than just be “Lets quit while were ahead” and stop. They might not move onto generic medicine taxes, though thats because theyll likely focus on the issues that are most important to them personally and the easiest to improve first.

            Also they didnt separate tampons out from anything, the government did that by defining a tampon as being a separate item to medicine which is taxed on different rules to medicine. Even if medicine were to become untaxed people would still need to campaign for this change separately, because its treated as separate by the law.

            Even if these people want the tampon tax cut just because theyre being “fashionable” or whatever and dont actually care about a regular medicine tax, would that really make it a bad thing? They would still be making the world slightly better, whatever their reasons….

          • BearnieZardoz

            True enough!

    • Dropwing Duck

      The 19% VAT on medicine is pretty controversial too. I’d say instead of taxing tampons at 19%, just reduce it for both.

      But you have to start somewhere, and the tampon thing seems to be what’s making headlines at the moment (heard about it a few times on German radio while I was travelling there for work in recent months).

      • BearnieZardoz

        Right! Reduce both. And do NOT fight, as it’s singularly the greatest shame on this planet, that tampons are taxed.
        Yup, the tampon thing is the PC thing to do, and THAT is what pisses me off. Maybe because I’m not part of the abused minority (which is at 51% or so).

        • Dropwing Duck

          I mean, a group can be disadvantaged in society even though they’re the majority. Plenty of historical examples for that. Of course they’re not an oppressed minority, but still an oppressed group of society.

          Politically speaking, the reduction in VAT on medication in general is probably a lot more difficult to achieve (I’d estimate, at least), so I don’t blame them for going for the tampons for now. There’s value in a partial victory too. Step by step, and all that.

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