When nerds text-fight

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  • BearnieZardoz


  • Raedwulf

    Forgot i

    • Phoenyx

      But but but i is just as real as other numbers. I hate the fact that the terms “real” and “imaginary” were chosen… 🙁

  • Phoenyx

    If you know how to integrate but don’t know why the +C is included, then you must not have a very good teacher. It’s not even that hard of a concept. Shifting a function up by some constant value doesn’t change the slope anywhere, so if you know the slope, you can’t get the exact function, but only a version that might be shifted by a constant. And it’s extremely important when you do things like double integration, as integrating C gives C1n+C2, compounding the uncertainty.

  • Vladislav Richter

    You’re logic at a MAGA rally.

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