Charlie the good boy


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  • Sullenman

    I had a pet tortoise called Musa. When I was in school and stayed late studying he would hang around my feet until I went to bed. But the best thing was that it would always be waiting at the door every time I came home from school, it wasn’t a coincidence. You know tortoises aren’t sprinters, so it would somehow know me an my brothers were on the way, make the trip and arrive when I reached the door. Silly animal, it’s the most affection I’ve had that’s not from my mother.

  • Coffeeinator3000

    my dog shit on my bed cause I didnt let her out when she had to go.

    • Daniel Emberton

      you deserved that… 😐

  • Patchy

    What was the point of mentioning that you were too young to remember the story? Why not just say “My parents told a story about…”?

    • ItsFluffyTho

      I was too young to remember, but many years ago, one of my parents told me the reason for this.

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