An extra arm would be nice


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  • Gregor
    • Mym Zy

      I see, its a trap to kill them tards, good job. Darwin awards awaits!

  • MisterHex
  • Zund

    Chernobyl radiation levels aren’t extremely high any more, save for a few hotspots, outside exposure is less than double the dose you get at cruise altitude in most aircraft. So for a short visit protective equipment is unnecessary.

  • Dreig

    FYI dorks, people actually live there. The zone is permanently settled. And you do not need a radiation suit and gazmask to survive there.

    I wanted to go there because while you normies think that a sunlit beach is ideal holiday destination, I think the same about desolate hazardous wastelands. But now HBO made that series and all normies have flooderd the zone and the prices for visit have skyrocketed, and I cannot afford it anymore! I know mutants do not exist there, but I really wish they would and ate every jackass who went there because of a goddamn HBO series


    • Shivers

      I’ve wanted to go there for a while to, but shudder to know about the price spike. Give it 2-3 years and I’m sure it’ll drop off again.

    • YesThisIsBob

      You sound like a gatekeeping fuckwit.

  • Shivers

    Well, it’s half about relative risks, half about proximity to radioactive sources…

    Chernobyl, the city? 0.3 microsieverts per hour (usv/h) or less outdoors, with the exception of the forest.

    Pripyat, the worker’s town? Generally 1-2 usv/h, with a few exceptions, mostly in the 10-20 usv range.

    The hospital basement? 300 usv to 1500 usv/h (1.5 millisieverts or msv/h)
    Reactor 4’s control room (where Dyatlov, Akimov, etc worked?) 40 msv/h.
    Reactor 4’s maintenance corridors? Anywhere from 10-480 msv/h depending where you measure.
    Actually touching a pebble of fuel remnant around the plant? 600 msv/h.
    The room with the “Elephant’s foot”, the melted mass of most of the fuel? About 5-8 sv/h. (No prefix there.)

    It takes 100 msv to measurably increase your risk of cancer – and “measurably” is like, 0.1% additional chance or something like that. So you could spend a weekend in Chernobyl and Pripyat and still be below this threshold.

    To get a 50-50 chance of some headaches and nausea, you need to accumulate 1 sievert in a short time. That’s five minutes taking selfies with the Elephant’s Foot. Mind you, you’ll probably get leukemia in the next decade-ish by doing so. Call this a “bucket list” goal for if you get a terminal diagnosis of a few months to a year.

    If you have a death wish, you’ve gotta rack up 5 sieverts in a short amount of time. Just about the only thing left you can do so with in Chernobyl is actual nuclear fuel. And here we come to the reason for the dust masks… if you inhale a small flake of nuclear fuel that blew off of something, that will stay in your lungs and give you a very localised high dose.

    What risk level are you comfortable with taking?

  • Vladislav Richter
  • Dragonofarbitration

    Did anyone else hate that stupid blond bitch with the frizzy hair?

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