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  • ItsFluffyTho

    If my godfather (he raised me in place of my actual dad) did this with me, he would’ve threw me past the foam pit just to show me yet another thing that I can survive. This guy, this GIANT (6’4″+, and I, a child) would instigate fights with me and toss me around like a ragdoll just to show me how to be persistent, and that getting beat up mostly just hurts your ego and that can be healed faster than a black eye if you remember you at least stood up for yourself as best you could. And if you can mentally turn that around, your black eye goes from a reminder of failure to a reminder of “but the shit didn’t kill me, and I learned something.” The only bully that bullies you because they genuinely love you.

    • ItsFluffyTho

      He was the original “but did you die?” guy. “Did you die? Do you need to go to the hospital? Are you bleeding? No, are you STILL bleeding? Then that’s great, isn’t it?”

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