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  • RC

    I quite enjoyed the captain marvel film.

    • Inaba


    • Kenneth Lien

      I will never understand why but good for you.

      • RC

        What didn’t you enjoy about it?

        • Kenneth Lien

          Well first off, let’s not kid ourselves. The success it had at the box office were due to it’s link to the MCU.

          The movies biggest problems is simply that the titular character is very badly written protagonist. She is supposed to be so controlled by her emotions, yet she never shows any. Her face is like a rubber mask all throughout the movie. And we can’t blame the acting either as Larson has done some very good work in the past.

          She also has very little to no development. Most of her characteristics are simply told to us (she is heroic, kind, good friend, emotional) yet the movie never shows us this thus breaking a cardinal rule of moviemaking (show, don’t tell).

          Finally there is no depth to her. She gets these powers and is then immediately awesome and knows how to be awesome. No weaknesses, no inner demons. She is hardly a character. Remember how Iron Man was blown up, imprisoned, tortured and almost killed? He built his way out of a cave and then, true many trials and errors finally became Iron Man. Remember how Thor spent an entire movie cast out because of his arrogance before he was worthy? Or how Peter Parker was constantly pushed back by Iron Man? Or Captain America confronting his black and white morals with a gray world after being dead for 70 years? Nothing like that, just a space-goo bukkake and she can fly and nuke stuff and whatever. Totally uninteresting.

          As for Bree Larson and the shit-show she started in the media, I don’t really care when it comes to the movie. She seems like a total cunt but so is Tom Cruise and many other actors and I still watch and enjoy their performances.

          Same goes for the woke debate surrounding this movie. If you mold your idea around ideology you WILL get an inferior product. It’s the easiest thing in the world to write a strong character. It is much harder to make them interesting.

          In my mind, the best female superhero (villain?) protrayed in the last few years is Vanya from The Umbrella Academy. Stellar performance by Ellen Page with a layered and deeply flawed and broken character.

          But as I said, just because I hate Captain Marvel doesn’t mean anyone else shouldn’t enjoy it.

      • Azorf Lamagne


    • Novo Caine

      Same. It’s pretty much like any other Marvel movie in this series. I find it’s only people who dislike Brie Larson for political reasons didn’t like it, at least vocally. It’s box office numbers speak for themselves, over $1b made and 8th most successful Marvel movie, out of 21.

      • Kenneth Lien

        I talked about this in my waaay to long response above but to dismiss any criticism as politically motivated seems a bit unfair. The MCU has done characters extremely well over the years and their failure to do so here is what made me dislike this movie.

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