Please be chicken please be chicken…


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  • Mister_B_Posters

    Well… it tastes like chicken…

    • The man that did that thing

      But everything tastes like chicken!

      • Mym Zy

        Humans taste like pork… long pork.

        • The man that did that thing


          • Mym Zy

            I love to see the reactions to that info, ok soo there is this novel Called Starquake (sequel to Dragon’s Egg) and they discuss that info about human mean and pork (the info comes from cannibals)
            Also, the wording “long pork” its an easter egg, that was the name pirates and such on olden time called it, you can see one person says that in Curse of the Black Pearl.

          • The man that did that thing

            I’m just slightly concerned that your mind immediately went there… 😛

          • Mym Zy

            I was hungry /shy

          • The man that did that thing


  • apgrovas
    • Ara Raven

      DAMMIT sigh well there goes the rest of my day…
      pulls up the Ghost playlist and just gives in

      • Zoe Isabeau Graves

        dance macabre is life

  • Jeremy Longwood

    Mmmm, that looks good!

  • Entity
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